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  • 50AZ Celestron

    Erect image optics for astronomical and land observing
    Quick and easy no tool set up, perfect for beginners,Refractor telescope with 50mm aperture

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  • 60AZ Celestron

    Affordable telescope for beginning astronomer
    Portable yet powerful
    All-glass optical components with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity

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  • 70AZ Celestron

    Quick and easy no-tool setup
    Permanently mounted Starpointer
    Erect image optics – Ideal for terrestrial and astronomical use
    Quick release dovetail…

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  • 70AZ Travelscope

    All coated glass optical elements for clear, crisp images
    Erect image diagonal so that your views are correctly oriented
    Smooth functioning altazimuth…

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  • Cosmos

    * Spacecraft missions to nearby planets
    * The Library of ancient Alexandria
    * The human brain
    * Egyptian hieroglyphics
    * The origin of life
    * The death of the sun
    * The evolution of galaxies

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  • Stellaron N3

    Focal Length: 700mm
    Objective Lens Diameter: 3 Inch
    Fully Loaded Telescope 
    1.25″ Super 25 & 10 2x Barlow Lens, 6×24 Finderscope,Tripod with Accessory…

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