As a kid we have all sat near our room windows and watched the starlit night. The twinkling stars had a magical effect on us, and it used to be fun to join that dot to create different cartoon figures. But wouldn’t it is going to be magnificent if we could get a closer look at these stars and planets. With our Newtonian-3 Telescope, the children can experience the world of stars and will definitely develop an interest in astronomy.

SDRO Astronomy Telescope

Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences in the world; it makes the curious minds wonder about the different shapes and sizes of the planets with a variety of colors. The theoretical knowledge of the stars and planets in the classroom only gives the students an imagination which stays in their minds for a short time. Whereas, with the presence of a telescope they will get a chance to experience for themselves the knowledge they gained through the books.

Getting a chance to explore the universe as it will give the students a whole new perspective of astronomy. They will be enthusiastic to know more about the astronomical science and the associated subjects, hence adding to their logical and rational thinking abilities. Through this, they can further go on to study in this field and more like Astronomy, Radio Waves, Space Science, Optics or Physics; the opportunities are immense.

The telescopes are made with various specifications by which one can use a different combination of lenses, mirrors, and other parts to view different objects in the sky. There are many choices like the Optical telescopes, Infrared telescopes, X-ray telescopes, Sub-millimeter telescopes, X-ray optics, and Ultraviolet telescopes, but getting the right one of appropriate wavelength and the best quality can be assured only by SDRO.

This telescope also has exceptional features like Vertical Control, Altazimuth Mount telescope with a Resolving power of 1.5 Arc-seconds and a focal length of 700mm. We offer telescopes that are beta tested and manufactured using the superior quality material that will not get damaged in a long time. Hence, it is the best one-time investment because of the features like durability, preciseness, ease in usage and long life. They will be delivered in very safe packaging to ensure no damage in transit.

Our knowledge and extended support is something uncommon in the market. We do the complete installation of the telescope in the activity room or the laboratory of the school, that too in a very short span of time. Buying this smart Newtonian-3 Telescope is a smart deal as it is backed by six months of free online support by SDRO. We will also provide online observational training to a faculty member of the school so that they can help the children explore the vast world of astronomy. So book a Newtonian-3 Telescope for your school today and make students of your school ahead of others.

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