Telescope means an optical instrument designed to magnify the celestial objects (distant objects). Mostly, there are two types of beginners telescope, “Refractor”, and “Reflector”. The refractor telescopes were the first type of telescope used to observe the celestial objects and the reflector telescopes are the modified vision of refractors. I have used both the models during my training sessions and both the telescope models are best for beginners (Amateur Astronomers). Here is my list of “Top 3 Telescopes for Beginners”.

 1. Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ  (Budget Telescope)

This is a refractor telescope 60-millimeter aperture and 700-millimeter focal length. Celestron 60AZ is sufficient to observe craters of the moon. This telescope can also be used for land observation (terrestrial) with Altazimuth mount.

If you are a beginner and you are just testing your passion for sky observation than this telescope is good for you. Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ could be a great birthday gift.

Price INR 6088/-

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2. Newtonian 3 Telescope 

SDRO Astronomy Telescope

Newtonian 3 Telescope is a “Reflector” telescope. This model has a 3-inch aperture and 700 mm focal length. Compared to Celestron 60 Az or 70Az or 80/Az this model has enough capacity to hold light and produce the best possible image to the observer. Newtonian 3 is designed in India, considering the city light pollution. This model is a fully loaded model with no extra accessories required. This is a land and sky telescope with slow-motion control. Slow motion control enables you to observe deep sky objects easily.

If budget is not a concern, Newtonian 3 Telescope could be the best telescope for you!

Price: INR 18000/-

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3. Celestron Explora Scope 114AZ


Explora Scope is a new model of telescope launched by Celestron. Explora Scope is a Newtonian telescope with better stability compared to other Celestron refractor model. This model has a 114mm aperture and sufficient to observe deep sky objects.

If you are looking for a Big Aperture Beginners telescope (Easy to Use) than 114az could be the best telescope for you.

Price: INR 17,980/-

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Amateur Astronomy could be a great hobby and one can think of a career in this field. Although using a telescope may test your passion and patience for celestial objects.

Clear Sky, Cheers!