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Gear up your knowledge about “Celestial Objects”

December is the month of the winter solstice. In this month two gifts we acquired by Nature is the longest nights and transparent sky than usual. One reason for the clarity of a winter’s night is that cold air cannot hold as much as moisture as warm air can. Hence, in winters we can get the benefit of the transparent sky as well as long night.

Observation at Observatory

The observatory is located in Manesar around 45 km away from city light. The 5 Acre Land is specially designed for school students. With the addition, stay facility in the campus, the overnight deep sky observation can be organised at the observatory. Generally, the program starts around 4 PM and ends around 9 AM the next day.

Observation at School Premises

The Winter Planetary Observation can be organised in school premises on selected dates based on planetary position. Generally, the program starts around 5 PM and ends around 10 PM.

TO ENSURE THE MOST POSSIBLE HIGHEST  VISIBILITY TO CELESTIAL OBJECTS,  we are using high quality automatic as well as manual telescopes.

Telescopes to be used:

  • Celestron 114LCM (Computerised Telescope): it is a computerised telescope automatically locates thousands of celestial objects using the Nexstar hand control.
  • Celestron Astromaster 130eq: it is a manual German equatorial mount with setting circles to locate track sky objects.
  • Newtonian 3 Telescope: a powerful reflecting telescope for amateur astronomers.

Happy Star Gazing!

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