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We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

The Scientific Development Research Organization was founded in New Delhi on the 10th of October, 2012. We consider ourselves an Astronomy company. Our objective entails inspiring and triggering questions about the Universe in the minds of researchers, astronomers, educators, young space enthusiasts, aspiring astronomers, and even young children to look up into the night sky and wonder what lies beyond us, perhaps even beyond the solar system that we have been taught about in schools. Our curriculum provides all subjects possible that mankind has so far had the ability to uncover. But can the sheer infinity of the Universe really be put down into measurable and comprehensible numbers and words?

You may have wondered how big the Milky Way is. You may have thought about whether our Sun is just another star in someone else’s night sky. Where did we all come from? Is there life on another planet? If yes, then what does it look like? What’s the origin of life or even matter? If it was the Big Bang, then where did it happen? Or did space and time even exist before it?

If these questions tingle your brain and make you put on your thinking caps, and then SDRO is just the right organization for you.

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We believe in having an immersive approach towards science by encouraging minds to come up with answers and just as many questions about the mysteries of outer space and the entire Universe for that matter.

We here at SDRO work to nurture the minds that are filled with scientific curiosity about outer space and astronomy. We help young astronomers, teachers, students, and professionals to channel their fascination with astronomy into productive and exciting programs. So far we have had immense success and satisfaction at national and international platforms. We especially encourage an appetite for scientific curiosity and the potential for a far field (tele)scope of imagination. We take pride in fueling young minds and enthusiasts by having a technologically skilled approach towards stem and space.

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