In today’s world of practicality and experiment, science has moved out laboratories too, let alone textbooks. Students are evaluated more on the Practical implementation of their theoretical academic knowledge than just being a robot with a repetitive memory. Thus, realistic and practical approach forms an indispensable aspect of any academic curriculum or program across schools worldwide.

Amongst multiple disciplines of Science, Space research and Astronomy is one the uniquely interesting and most sought after subject for today’s youth. A big challenge which comes along such a field of study is the lack of proper infrastructure and equipment being made available to students. This is what inspired the concept behind “ASHMAKSHALA” being born.

We wanted to create a space, a community of learners and knowledge imparters with a practical and applied approach of teaching Astronomy and Astrophysics

– Sarvesh K Bhardwaj, Astrophysicist and Member of Planetary Society (USA)

As the name suggests, “Ashma” in Sanskrit means a “Stone” or a “Gem”. “Shala” refers to home to these gems. Interestingly, this is what we are inspired to create. A community of powerful minds no less than gems. We are envisioned to work along with our partners to re-define and re-create the approach to Astronomical Learning by giving our students the best vision of the subject. We encourage and inspire the young minds to learn, explore and grow beyond tier limitations providing them the necessary tools and techniques specific to the subject.

Students and Professionals associated with us benefit in learning through a wide range of outreach programs such as workshops, meet-ups, activity clubs, observatories, and outdoor sky gazing, backyard astronomy which is organized time and again. We also plan educational visits to Planetariums, Museums, Science Centres etc. All these activities are supported by our Educational and Observatory Partners SDRO, and Kepler’s Observatory respectively.

SDRO efficiently designs a curriculum specific to scientific and educational astronomy in order to help students elevate the level of their astronomical skills and understanding of the subject. Kepler’s Observatory helps in providing the space and tools required by SDRO for a better-executed learning structure. Through multiple collaborations with schools, the knowledge base expands and more and more talents get associated with our club which not just benefits the Students but also the School as a whole. The value of knowledge exchange is best when it benefits everyone, and we live by this philosophy.

This is how “ASHMAKSHALA” strives to work towards making astronomical knowledge accessible to every student and school so that the future is in the hands of each of them.

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