Why Telescope is important for your school?


As a kid we have all sat near our room windows and watched the starlit night. The twinkling stars had a magical effect on us, and it used to be fun to join that dot to create different cartoon figures. But wouldn't it is going to be magnificent if we could get a closer look at these stars and planets. With our Newtonian-3 Telescope, the children can experience the world of stars and will definitely develop an interest in astronomy. Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences in the world; it makes the curious minds [...]

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Why Telescope is important for your school??


A telescope is one of the oldest optical instruments to have significantly contributed to the domain of Physics and Optical Studies. It gives a magnified view of distant objects with the help of a combination of lenses, mirrors, and different devices. It identifies lights of different wavelengths, frequencies, and Photon Energies and hence categorised into several types. The update in Science and Technology, specialisations and degrees are moving towards specific sub-branches of subjects. Theoretical academic knowledge of any subject or domain is not enough. Practical implementation of theories forms a significant portion of any academic curriculum across many nations today. An [...]

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