Participate in World's Largest Astronomy Festival

April 2018

Indian Astronomy

The Birth of Indian Astronomy can be dated during Indus Valley Civilization. It is almost impossible to ignore Indian Astronomical research work. Some of the famous Indian astronomers are Aryabhata, Varahamihira, and Brahmagupta.

 Astronomy is a combination of two words Astro and Nomy. “Astro” means “stars” and “nomy” mean “law”, hence the study of astronomy is a study of “Laws of a Star”.

The Celebration

In collaboration with Astronomers Without Border (AWB) and  Kepler’s Observatory, SDRO – Astronomy Professionals is proud to organize a one-day astronomy training program for K-10 kids which brings an opportunity that facilitates a deeper understanding of practical astronomical and astrophysics knowledge. Moreover, it will encourage your students to learn more about the mystery of the universe and will display before them the wonder of modern science.

Your participation and encouragement will mean a lot to your students and teachers by gracing and organizing the educational workshop at your School.

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