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We offer a wide range of high quality of astronomical training and curricular activities.


Stem and Space research is a fascinating subject for those that study it and those who wish to. We at SDRO understand that passion and inspire young minds to explore further and deeper into the exciting study of space research. We have established ourselves among the leading Astronomy training organization for a reason.

Here at SDRO, we work with great dedication and enthusiasm towards expanding the reach of this unique study to almost every city of the country, covering the full spectrum of space research.

We are working to make astronomical knowledge accessible to all, reach us to explore the galaxy in a new way!


“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

SDRO is devoted to brilliance and quality education. We present a number of opportunities for young enthusiastic minds, professionals, and aspiring astronomers to improvise the level of educational and professional development.

  • National focus

    • We have collaborated with over 900 schools  through our outreach programs
    • SDRO has associated with 100,000+ students all over the world as part of its focus on outreach and accessibility
  • Various Outreach Programs

    • We organise workshops such as Astro-kids which offers you a chance to understand astronomical science better through engaging activities.
    • “Our Scientist for a Day Program” enables creative minds to get inspired by developing an interest in space technology
    • Activities such as “The Rocketry Challenge” give you the opportunity to experience astronomy’s face dream – rockets!
    • You can register for the National Level Astronomy Test
  • Engaging and Experience-Based Education

    • We provide Hi-tech Telescopes and organise visits to Science Centres, Museums and Planetariums as part of inspiring and enlightening field trips.


Our goal is to make scientific knowledge of astronomy and space research accessible and available to everyone. We want to trigger curiosity and the satisfaction of knowledge in the minds of young aspiring astronomers, professionals, students, and researchers. At SDRO, we work with dedication to encourage and educate you in the field of astronomy. Knowledge is a right, not a privilege; hence our mission is to engage creative minds into the study of outer space.

As Albert Einstein said “Education is more important than knowledge”, we respect the ethics of education and believe that curiosity and creativity are what fuels the potential to learn. We take care of that by making learning more engaging and exciting through fun-filled activities that trigger you to wonder more about the study of space research and Astronomy. We firmly believe that Astronomy should be a more encouraged science among students who love to wonder while looking up at the night sky.

We are committed to providing world-class education of Space Research and Astronomy to our students by providing them with all required material, activities, field trips, workshops and meet-ups to help them learn and understand better through enthusiasm and fun. We are committed to providing them with a unique platform where they can question, learn, comprehend and explore further into the study of Space.

We assure to provide education through fun-filled and engaging experiences that will encourage and spark young minds into becoming what they have always wanted to be in the field of Astronomy. Our promise to you is of quality learning and advanced scientific education through various activities that will allow you to interact with fellow space enthusiasts. As long as you are associated with SDRO, it’s on us to provide you with all the information and knowledge that you require to fulfill your goals.

Through our ethics and beliefs, we have developed a set of values that we go by. We take pride in considering ourselves a leading educational organisation on astronomy. Outreach programs are accessible to almost all cities in the country and also on an international level. We work with great efforts to provide education of Astronomy to each an every student that has the willfulness and curiosity about the science. We reach out to anyone that aspires to be a space enthusiast, astronomer, academic educator and most importantly an eager learner.

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