Newtonian 3 Telescope

//Newtonian 3 Telescope

Newtonian 3 Telescope

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It is powerful enough to observe Craters of Moon, Jupiter along with its four moons, Saturn with Rings, Star Clusters, Nebulae, and many more astronomical events.


Optical Design – Newtonian Reflector
Diameter – 3″
Focal Length – 700mm
Secondary Mirror – 25mm
Focal Ratio – f/9.2
Highest Practical Power – 190
Faintest Steller Magnitude -12
Resolving Power – 1.5 Arc – Seconds
Eyepiece 1.25″OD – 1) K-25mm efl, 2) K-10mm efl, 3) SR 4mm
Mount type – Altazimuth Mount
Slow-motion Control – Vertical

Note: This is a fully loaded telescope, no additional accessories required.
Warranty: Newtonian 3 Telescope comes with 5 Yrs – 100% replacement warranty on the lens.

3 reviews for Newtonian 3 Telescope

  1. Manjeet Singh

    Powerful and Portable telescope

  2. Sapna Katyal

    Newtonian 3 Telescope got delivered within the timeline. The packaging was good. This telescope is good for beginners and intermediate observers.

  3. Rajesh Kumar

    This is a very good telescope for beginners and amateur astrophotographers. You can see a very good close-up of the moon and planets. Assembling is quite easy. You have to track objects manually which can take some time and practice to master.

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